Today's hybrid world is eroding authentic human connection.

We have too many async messages, one-way webinars, and soul crushing meetings. Limited budgets go to executive coaches and high profile speakers when they could unlock the wisdom already present in our organizations. Scaling high-trust small groups is the solution.

Discover the magic of CircleSpace Programs.

CircleSpace Programs

Our guides and team deliver world-class managed programs for communities, companies and teams. The CircleSpace platform makes these extraordinary experiences fast to customize and efficient to scale.

Are you thinking about:

The most engaging member benefit there is

Guided sessions that accelerate forming to performing

Small group sessions drive
big culture change

“We’ve partnered with Circles to offer global business leaders a collaborative environment for success. EGAs’ Executive Growth Circles empower open, committed leaders to innovate, secure funding, transform culture, and gain a competitive edge while preparing for the future. is more than just a platform; it’s integral to our collective solution.”

Jennifer Vessels

Founder Executive Growth Alliance

Spreading Forum in the World

Forums are a flavor of circle that have largely been the province of CEOs. We built the CircleSpace system to make this coveted experience accessible for everyone. In these sessions, each participant feels valued and each connected conversation builds trust.

Detailed, anonymized analytics are helping us continually optimize the value of every minute. The applications across working teams, learning pods, and communities are immense. These virtual experiences can be even better than in-person meetings.

Discover untapped potential within your community or organization today.

“The data suggests our employees participating in achieve more at JumpCrew than those who don’t. They’re more prepared to lead, and have gained the trust of peers in a position to recognize them and help them level up.”

David Pachter

Co-founder & Executive Chairman at JumpCrew


CircleSpace Blog

What we’re learning, doing, reading, thinking.

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“I personally feel like the circles are going to help with attrition numbers. People are going to feel comfortable and a part of the culture.”

Jarvis Henderson

Dir. of L&D at JumpCrew

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